We strongly encourage participants to register in teams for the Symposium. Teams can be made up of faculty and staff from the same program, department, discipline or division. As the facilitated process in the morning will ask participants to engage deeply with their personal context, working in a team will allow participants to discuss and expand on how ideas developed can be applied to their environment.

All individuals should fill out the registration form for the Symposium below. If you are registering in a team, please have one team member identify as Team Registration Coordinator – you will have the opportunity to identify other team members and Team Registration Coordinator in the form below. (Please note: all attendees must register individually.) There is no limitation on the size of the team, but teams larger than 10 individuals will be split among multiple tables. This will assist us in the organization of the morning session.

Individuals are welcome to register without teams, and we will endeavour to seat you with participants in similar disciplines.

The Symposium is open to all appointed Faculty and staff at the University of Toronto, as well as CUPE Unit 3 Sessional Instructors and CLTAs. The Symposium is not open to graduate students.

A FULL AGENDA is available (opens in a new tab)

Registration is now closed.


If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Erin Macnab, CTSI Programs Coordinator at

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